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Frequently Asked Questions


An inquiry was made of the Court regarding this Request For Proposal.

Below are the original questions and the responses provided by the Court:


  1. No digital video (such as HDMI) sources are indicated in the specification; all video sources are analog composite video and VGA. Is the introduction of digital video connectivity not required? A purely analog video design does not allow for any future proofing/capabilities or system growth and will causes issues when integrating any of the current generation of video equipment and displays. Digital video is quickly becoming standard and seen in all contemporary AOUSC work. Please advise.
    The Court has elected to continue to use 4:3 analog video for this courtroom.

  2. Please provide:
    a. Make, model, options and software/firmware version of all CFE equipment Refer to attached spreadsheet.
    b. Architectural drawings of the space(s) that also include elevations, reflected ceiling plans and cable paths/riser diagrams Unavailable to the Court
    c. Existing system & cable riser diagrams, locations and mounting details for the CFE gear installed that will be maintained (i.e. Jury Box displays and speakers, etc.) Video fed to Jury LCD's via floor mounted VGA D/A. No individual display control needed, system control will Mute VGA signal to black out display when desired
    d. Touch panel size requirements Only as large as needed to provide adequate system control.
    e. Make and model number of the nine (9) ceiling speakers to be replaced and installation requirements & back box dimensions for same. Unknown at this time.

  3. Where will the Multimedia podium be located? Refer to Attachment 2, EPS cart located in front of lower bench adjacent to jury box.

  4. Will the Multimedia podium be CFE and if so, please provide design drawing of same. If this unit is not to be provided, please provide (drawings including) size, finish and audio/visual/control equipment capability and mounting details. This is a CFE unit. Contractor will provide inputs/outputs as needed for;
    1: VGA Evidence feed and RS-232 control of ELO touchscreen, CFE display
    2. VGA video and line level audio laptop input
    3. VGA video input from CFE document camera (no system control)
    4. XLR CFE microphone input
    5. System Control touch panel, Non CFE
    Due to the minimal amount of I/O at the cart, it is not expected that there will be a requirement for internally mounted equipment.

  5. Specification page 5, C.3 (j) (3) Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing: says to replace the three (3) composite video cameras with S-video cameras. This is not a performance upgrade as the cameras will still be standard definition and in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Is the intent to replace failing/older equipment only, or is there a performance upgrade anticipated? The intent is to replace the older cameras with newer cameras having improved sensors. The 4:3 ration will be maintained. The CFE Polycom VSX8000 video conferencing system is not being replaced.

  6. Please provide more information regarding the “IP based audio and video streaming unit” page 6, C.3 Functionality, (n):
    (C.3.(n) 1) This will be a contractor provided appliance for remote listeners via network.
    (C.3.(n) 2) This is a CFE appliance to record specific proceedings. It requires an S-video and line level audio input. It shall be rack mounted and have a VGA video feed to the CRD location for a CFE display to be used as a confidence monitor during recording.

    a. Is this an awarded contractor furnished unit? If so, please provide make and model of unit previously used or demonstrated for the court
    b. Is the request for a plate to demark to a CFE unit? If so, please confirm connectivity required for CFE unit

  7. Are CFE Jury box and various CFE monitors to be controlled? Video fed to Jury LCD's via floor mounted VGA D/A. No individual display control needed, system control will mute VGA signal to black out display when desired. Jury, Witness and gallery displays to have touch panel mute function. Also refer to C.4.2.(j) for other video zoning details.

  8. For various CFE ELO touchscreen monitors: are these to be connected to computers? If so, please provide required connectivity. The ELO touch screens are to be used as system fed VGA video evidence displays. They will display the currently selected video input. The control interface is via RS-232, 9 pin serial to a (at present) a Boeckeler PVI-83d.


CFE Item Brand Model Firmware Rev Control/Interface Comments
Wired Microphones Shure & Audio Technica 40-118/ES915 N/A XLR Phantom  
Wireless Microphones Revolabs 01-EXERAC-BLK-11 N/A XLR Phantom 4 channels, to be used for PA and interpreting via headset
Boundary Microphone Shure Microflex MX393 N/A XLR Phantom  
Control Touchscreen Crestron TPS4000 N/A Cresnet  
Video Conferencing Codec Polycom VSX8000 8.7.1    
Document Camera Avervision POF3 N/A no system control vga output
Telestration Screens ELO ELO ET1725L-7CWF-1-G N/A Rs-232 via Boeckeler Pointmaker  
Jury Speakers JBL   N/A Control 23T 70 volts  
Video Encoder Viewcast Niagara 2120 N/A s-video, can use both balanced and unbalanced audio  
Gallery Display Sharp Aquos LC-50LE650U N/A VGA video rs-232, but IR is an option as well