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ADR Timetable


All events are expected to occur as soon as possible unless otherwise noted.


Event Early Neutral Evaluation Mediation
Order of Referral provided to the ADR Administrator Standard Procedure Standard Procedure
ADR Administrator provides Notice of
Referral, along with list of neutrals to
counsel/parties for consideration and ranking
L.R. 16.5(c)(1)
L.R. 16.6(c)(1)
L.R. 16.6(b)(3)(A);
For good cause, a party may object to the referral to mediation within 10
days of the Court’s Order
Counsel/parties rank neutral
Evaluator/Mediator. If counsel/parties fail to provide ranking list to ADR Administrator, the Administrator will select neutral.
L.R. 16.5(c)(1)
Not later than 10 days after written notice.
L.R. 16.6(c)(1)
Within 10 days of written notice.
ADR Administrator notifies of neutral
selection. Neutral conducts conflict check. If no conflicts, Administrator designates neutral as Evaluator or Mediator.
L.R. 16.5(c)(2). No written
time frame in rule, usually give
neutral 3 to 5 days.
L.R. 16.6(c)(2). No written time
frame in rule, usually give neutral    3 to 5 days.
Neutral schedules ADR proceeding. Attendance of parties with settlement authority is mandatory at ADR proceeding. No party can be excused without leave of the court.
L.R. 16.5(c)(3) L.R. 16.6(c)(3)
Counsel/parties to submit documents, pleadings, etc. To the neutral and provide courtesy copy to opposing side. L.R. 16.5(e):
No later than 5 days before evaluation session.
L.R. 16.6(e)(1):
At least 5 days before mediation conference.
ADR Proceeding Scheduling: L.R. 16.5(c)(3);
Within 30 days of the receipt by the Evaluator of Notice of Designation

Attendance: L.R. 16.5(f)(1)

Continuance: L.R. 16.5(c)(4)
Scheduling: L.R. 16.6(c)(3); Not more than 30 days from the date of written notice

Attendance: L.R. 16.6(f)

Continuance: L.R. 16.6(c)(4)
Interim Report – Final Report submitted to ADR Administrator for processing. L.R. 16.5.(g)(2)(J); Report within 10 days in writing to ADR Administrator L.R. 16.6(g)(5); Report within 10 days
in writing to the ADR Administrator
Case terminated or returned to the court's docket. Standard Procedure Standard Procedure