CJA attorneys and experts, get ready for CJA eVoucher.
The United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio will soon be implementing CJA eVoucher, a web-based, paperless application to electronically process payments to attorneys and experts under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA).  CJA eVoucher will replace the current paper based CJA process.

CJA eVoucher feature and benefits include:
·    Web-based application that is accessible anywhere via the internet.
·    Includes rate tables that ensure appropriate mileage and representation rates.  
·    Performs calculations which reduce mathematical errors.
·    Expedites voucher preparation time, processing and payment time.
·    Reduces manual voucher processing errors and improves internal controls.
·    Transfers vouchers electronically between the District and Circuit Courts.
·    Integrated email system and notifications of voucher approvals.


CJA Plan


CJA Panel Membership Application


The CJA Application is compatible with Acrobat and Adobe Reader 9.0 or later.  If your software is incompatible, please click here to download a free update.


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CJA Fee Exempt Pacer Accounts

CJA Panel attorneys can register with the PACER Service Center for a fee exempt PACER account that may be used for cases in which they have been appointed as CJA counsel.

Use of a fee exempt PACER account is NOT permitted for private cases, thus CJA Panel members will need to have two PACER accounts if they wish to take advantage of the CJA fee exempt status: a fee exempt account for CJA appointed cases and a non-exempt account for retained/private cases. CJA Panel members will need to take care to ensure that the two accounts are each used properly. Please be aware that fee exempt PACER accounts are audited regularly for improper usage.

Instructions for obtaining a fee exempt PACER account

Training Opportunities

National CJA Voucher Training Materials


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