Clerk's Office and Court Records


Mission of the Clerk's Office


The Clerk's Office is committed to providing professional, courteous and efficient service to our customers, the bench, bar, public and other entities. We are committed to providing accurate records and access to information in a timely and professional manner, and innovative administrative and operational services that promote the speedy resolution of matters brought before the court.


We seek to preserve public confidence by maintaining an impartial and accessible forum which complies with statutory rule requirements governing the United States Court, and follow administrative guidelines and procedures established by the Judicial Conference and Administrative Office of the United States Court. All of this we seek to provide through our creative efforts and the best use of technology.


Sandy Opacich, Clerk of Court



New Civil Origin Code for Multidistrict Litigation Cases


Effective July 1, 2016 MDL cases originating in the same district creating the master MDL Docket will be referred to as direct file MDL cases. The new origin code, 8 Multidistrict Litigation - Direct File is to be used. Origin code 8 Multidistrict Litigation - Direct File is to be assigned to all MDL cases that open on or after July 1, 2016, and originate in the transferee court. MDL cases transferred into the transferee court from another district court should continue to be opened with origin code 6 Multidistrict Litigation - Transfer.