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Maritime Asbestos Attorney Registration Form


This form is used to register for an account on the Maritime Asbestos Case Electronic Filing System (the system). Registered attorneys will have privileges to electronically submit documents and to view the electronic docket sheets and documents for all maritime asbestos cases filed after January 1, 1996. The following is required for registration:


You must complete ALL fields for successful registration:




  1. This system is for use only in maritime asbestos cases filed after January 1, 1996. It may be used to file and view electronic documents and to view docket sheets and notices.
  2. Documents are to be submitted only in Portable Document Format (PDF).
  3. The combination of user id and password will serve as the signature of the attorney filing the documents. Attorneys must protect the security of their passwords and immediately notify the court if they learn that their password has been compromised.
  4. Documents submitted electronically shall be considered filed as of the date and time they are received on the electronic filing system.
  5. When the clerks office staff becomes aware of any deficiency in an electronic submission, the filing attorney will be electronically notified. Deficiencies must be corrected within three working days after such notice is provided by the Clerks Office. Work days are defined as Monday through Friday excluding Federal holidays.
  6. With the exceptions of the initial and third party complaints, attorneys will receive electronic notice of all documents filed in these cases. Attorneys should use the system to view these documents and download copies as deemed necessary. In the future, the Court may order that these electronic notices constitute official notice of service.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive notification by telephone and U.S. mail of  your user id and password needed to access the system. Procedures for using the system will be available for downloading when you access the system via the Internet. You may contact the Electronic Filing Help Desk in the Clerk’s Office at 1-800-355-8498 if you have any questions concerning the registration process or the use of the maritime asbestos electronic filing system.


Please ensure you have completed all fields above. Incomplete registrations will not be processed.