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Codes for Fingerprint Cards


Data fields must be completed in order for a fingerprint card to be processed by the FBI. Please ensure that the FD-258 fingerprint card is being used.


Name (NAM)Block

Enter the name in this field. Abbreviations are not to be used for any part of the name. The format is last name followed by a comma (,) and first and middle name, if any. Suffix denoting seniority (Jr., Sr., III, etc.) should follow the middle or first name. Do not obstruct this area by using stamps, labels, holes or staples where the name has been printed.


Signature of Person being Fingerprinted Block

Obtain the signature of the person being fingerprinted, in ink.


Social Security Number (SOC) Block

List Social Security number, if known.


Alias/Maiden Name (AKA) Block

List other names used that are different than the name in "NAM," block 1, including the signature name, using the same format (i.e. LAST, FIRST, MIDDLE). Maiden names and all previous married names of females should be entered in the alias field.


FBI Number Block

If known, enter the assigned FBI number.


Date of Birth (DOB) Block

Enter the DOB in month, day, and year format (MM/DD/YYYY).


Sex (SEX) Block

Sex must be indicated by either "F" (female) or "M" (male).


Race (RAC) Block

Race must be indicated by one of the following alphabetic characters:


A = Asian B = Black I = American Indian U = Unknown W = White


  A - A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands.

  B - A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

  I - A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Americas and maintaining cultural identification through tribal affiliations or community recognition.

  U - Of indeterminable race.

  W - A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa or the Middle East.



Height (HGT) Block (3 characters)

Height must be expressed in feet and inches. For example, five feet four inches should be

submitted as "504", and six feet even would be "600".





Weight (WGT) Block (3 characters)

Weight should be expressed in pounds.



Eye (EYE) Color Block (3 characters)

Indicate eye color by entering one of the following three-character codes:


If Description is:  List Data in Block as:


Black   BLK

Blue  BLU

Brown  BRO

Gray  GRY

Green  GRN

Hazel  HAZ

Maroon   MAR

Multicolored  MUL

Pink  PNK


Hair (HAI) Color Block (3 characters)

Indicate hair color by entering one of the following three-character codes.


If Description is:   List Data in Block as:

Bald  BAL

Black  BLK

Blonde (or strawberry)   BLN

Blue  BLU

Brown  BRO

Gray (or partially gray)  GRY

Green  GRN

Orange  ONG

Purple  PLE

Pink  PNK

Red (or auburn)  RED

Sandy  SDY

White  WHI

Unknown  XXX



Place of Birth (POB) Block (State or Country)

List the state, territorial possession, province (Canadian), or country of birth. Use the correct abbreviation for foreign countries or correctly spell out the name of the country.


Country of Citizenship (CTZ) Block

Enter "U.S." if a citizen of the United States; otherwise, enter the appropriate country.



Miscellaneous Number (MNU) Block

The MNU is an identifying number such as U.S. Military Service number, passport number etc. Enter the MNU and indicate its description according to the following chart:




Air Force Serial Number

Alien Registration Number

Army Serial Number/National Guard Serial Number/Air National Guard Serial Number

(regardless of State)

Bureau Fugitive Index Number

Canadian Social Insurance Number

U.S. Coast Guard Serial Number

Mariner's Document or Identification Number

Marine Corps Serial Number

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Identification Number (FPS Number)

National Agency Case Number - Military

Navy Serial Number

Identification Order Number

Passport Number

Port Security Card Number

Selective Service Number

Veterans Administration Claim Number



Residence/Complete Address (ADR) Block

Enter complete residential address and zip code.