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Completing Your Custody Term at a Halfway House and/or On House Incarceration


When are inmates eligible for halfway house placement?

Inmates are given a review when 17-19 months remain on their custody term. At that point, halfway house eligibility through the Second Chance Act is considered. Inmates may serve the last ten percent of their sentence (up to 6 months) at a halfway house/home incarceration. Inmates can serve half of this period at the halfway house and half of this period on home incarceration. See http://www.bop.gov/inmate_programs/sentence_computations.jsp and click on PS5880.28, page1-62. Also for more information regarding halfway houses see http://www.bop.gov/locations/cc/index.jsp.

What can prevent an inmate from being considered for halfway house placement?

Inmates may be found ineligible for halfway house placement for reasons such as poor institution adjustment, failure to pay toward the financial responsibility program, lack of participation in programming, failure to follow program recommendations, detainers, pending cases, or outstanding warrants.

Do inmates have to go to a halfway house at the end of their custody or revocation term?

No, inmates do not have to go to a halfway house at the end of their custody or revocation term, but inmates who complete RDAP and are trying to get their sentence reduced accordingly are required to go to the halfway house. Halfway house placement is strongly recommended to assist in reentry into the community.

Can inmates obtain identifying documents while at the halfway house?

Inmates should obtain their identifying documents while still at the institution.

How can an inmate challenge violations of rules at the halfway house?

A grievance may be filed through the Administrative Remedy Program. This is not to address issues related to an inmate simply not agreeing with a rule, but it is to address any rights violations. See http://www.bop.gov/DataSource/execute/dsPolicyLoc and click on Policy 1330.16.

When will inmates be eligible for the home incarceration program?

After inmates complete half of their placement at the halfway house, they may be considered for the home incarceration program.

Do inmates have to go to a halfway house first, or can they be released directly onto home incarceration?

Inmates must go to a halfway house before qualifying for home incarceration. The exception is when an inmate is at a minimum security prison (camp), then they may be able to go directly onto home incarceration.

How will inmates know when they are eligible for home incarceration?

Inmates are advised of their eligibility for home incarceration at the case review when 17-19 months remain on their custody term.

Why can’t inmates change their release address while incarcerated?

The BOP have restricted the number of times inmates can change their address. Changes typically will not be considered prior to one year before an inmate’s release from custody.

What should an offender put on his resume and applications regarding employment while at the BOP?

The Education Department at the BOP will assist inmates with the resume and provide detailed job descriptions for job details to insure there is no missing job history. Inmates should create a resume and cover letter when they are 90 days from release, so they are ready to apply for jobs.

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