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How will a defendant be notified of his report date and location?

Defendants are notified of their report date by certified mail. U.S. Pretrial Services may also receive notice and confirm the date with the defendant.

When will a defendant be notified of his report date?

A defendant’s self-surrender date will be approximately 4 to 6 weeks after sentencing. Defendants are typically notified of the specific date 2-3 weeks before their self-surrender date.

What can a defendant take to the institution?

It is suggested that a defendant bring identification including a birth certificate, social security card, and driver's license or state identification card. The identification is useful while incarcerated and during the transition to a halfway house. The documents will be returned to the defendant upon release. Anything else a defendant is wearing or brings to the institution gets mailed home. Inmates are permitted one ring and one necklace, but nothing valued over $100; everything else must be purchased through the commissary. For more information see http://www.bop.gov/inmate_programs/property.jsp.

How much money may a defendant take to the institution for commissary needs?

Although there is no maximum amount of money inmates keep in their commissary funds, it is highly recommended the funds be limited to no more than a couple hundred dollars. An inmate may only spend $290 per month at the commissary. For more information see http://www.bop.gov/inmate_programs/money.jsp.

What happens if a drug test is positive for recent drug use upon entry into the institution?

If defendants report to an institution under the influence of drugs, they are sent to a special housing unit for detoxification.