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Standard Conditions of Supervision


You shall not leave the judicial district without permission of the Court or your probation officer.


You shall report to the probation office as directed and submit a written supervision report by the 5th of every month.


You shall truthfully answer all inquiries by your probation officer and follow his/her instructions.


Meet family responsibilities.


Work unless excused by a U.S. Probation Officer.


Notify your probation officer of any residence or job change.


No excessive alcohol use and no illegal drug use or involvement.  Stay away from places where illegal drugs are sold, used or administered.


Do not associate with those involved in criminal activity, or those with a felony record, unless approved by your probation officer.


Your probation officer will visit you at home and other places and can confiscate any contraband observed in plain view.


Notify your officer within 72 hours of any arrest or police contact.


You are not permitted to work as an informant without the Court’s permission.


Notify others of third party risks as directed by your probation officer.  Your officer will confirm the notifications.