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In the CBT grant, page 35, there is a section #3 concerning Employee class and wage-fringe benefits. Are we to fill that in or leave it blank?

No, that is for our Contracting Officer if so required to be completed.

Are we supposed to submit a narrative describing how the CBT Groups will be performed?

Preparation of Narrative Statement • (Attachment A) Each offeror shall prepare and submit as part of its offer a NARRATIVE STATEMENT in which the offeror describes how it will provide the mandatory requirements stated in the project code descriptions in the Statement of Work. If the offeror is proposing subcontractor(s) to perform any services, the offeror shall identify the proposed subcontractor and describe in the narrative statement how the subcontractor will provide services and eet the requirements of the RFQ. It is imperative that this section be completed in such detail so as to determine the that the offeror has met the mandatory requirements. A general statement that the offeror will comply with RFQ requirements is not sufficient.

When filing an RFP, who may sign the certification statements? I, as the Director of Finance, intend to, but wanted to verify that that is appropriate.

The "Offeror" signs (See Section A #13)

We have been able to provide the “witnessing” of male clients by utilizing our male staff, however, we will no longer be able to provide a ‘male’ to witness the male client’s drug screens due to shifting of staff to our new location.  Is it possible, that a female RN be able to witness the male clients that are ordered to have drug screening done? This will make a difference in services we agree to provide.

Please refer to page C-6  of the RFP. "Collectors observing the voiding process shall be the same gender as the defendant/offender providing the specimen (no exceptions)."

I am still trying to get clarification on Section C - 7 - c: "After award, persons convicted of any sexual offense (including but not limited to, child pornography offenses, child exploitation, sexual abuse, rape or sexual assault) or required under federal, state, or local law to register on the Sexual Offender registry shall not perform services under this agreement or contract nor shall they have access to defendant/offender files unless approved in writing by the Contracting Officer after consultation with PPSO and PMD."
At the bidders' conference, the statement was made that contract agencies can not have a registered sex offender "on payroll" which is considerably different from "shall not perform services under this agreement or contract". We have an IT Employee who works off-site on our website and some graphic design stuff and is a registered S/O but has no contact with ANY clients, no access to client files or information and is never permitted on-site where clients may be (either residential or outpatient services). Will this person's employment preclude us from contracting with the U.S. Pretrial Services & Probation Office?

Section C and L they both say "shall not perform services under this agreement or contract nor shall they have access to defendant/offender files unless approved in writing by the Contracting Officer after consultation with PPSO and PMD." It doesn't say that they simply cannot employ them in another capacity. The language does not prevent your agency from contracting with the U.S. Probation Office, if your agency employs a Sex Offender as long as he/she is not performing ANY of the noted services. If for an example, a contract were to be awarded to an agency that employs a Sex Offender, we would need assurance that this person does not have access to files? Especially if they are maintained electronically.


I am interested in submitting an RFP for polygraph examinations in Cleveland. However, I do not have an examination facility in Cleveland. Would it be possible for me to administer polygraph exams to your clients at the U.S. Pretrial Services Probation Office?

Even though the polygraph exams will take place in the U.S. Probation Office, in order to provide the polygraph services, the vendor must have a physical location within the defined catchment area.

In the U.S. Department of Labor, Register of Wage Determination, is there a designation for someone who collects urine samples?

No, there is not, you will use Medical Assistant and Medical Lab Technician. 

I am working on the federal contract submission and I was hoping you could help guide me a bit. I have looked under the wage determination and could not find “urine collection” as an occupational title. The closest I could find was a scheduler. Do you have any suggestions for how to find this title? I was looking at $11.50/urine collection, is this a fair amount?

The occupation titles to reference are Medical Assistant or Medical Lab Technician. We can not provide specific direction as to your pricing.

If an organizations submits more than one proposal., can we use the same references for both?

Yes, you may use the same references for both.

Instead of paper certificates of licensures, can we submit a print out of online verification of staff licensures with the state board?

Yes, you can submit the print out from the state licensing board

Can I please request the Awardee's Total evaluated price for the 2013 RFPs for the following 3 contracts:
Cuyahoga County East of Ontario, East of I-77 Drug and Alcohol 0647-2017-11A (RFP) Cuyahoga County East of Ontario, East of I-77 Mental Health 0647-2017-41A (RFP) City of Cleveland Cognitive Behavioral Program 0647-2017-1CBT (RFP).

The information may only be released in post award debriefings to other offerers. [Section L.2(f)(11)]


Are you requesting proposals for drug and alcohol residential treatment in Summit County? I did not see it in the materials.

No we are not.

Is it possible to obtain what the amount was that the lowest bidder won?

The only "price" we can disclose is an awardee's Total Evaluated Price (all project codes totaled across the Base and both option years). We can't disclose individual project code pricing for awardees. And we can't disclose any pricing for any unsuccessful vendors. Section: L.2.f.11 The judiciary may disclose the following information in postaward debriefings to other offerers: (i) the overall evaluated price or price and technical rating of the successful offeror; (ii) the overall ranking of all offerors, when any ranking was developed by the judiciary during sourc selection; (iii) a summary of the rationale for award; and (iv) for procurements of commercial items, the make and model of the item to be delivered by the successful offeror 

What are the minimum staff requirements for staff personnel to conduct group therapy and individual therapy?

Section C.3.c For substance abuse treatment services performed for project codes 2010, 2020, 2030, 2040 and 2090 the vendor shall ensure that all personnel meet the following qualifications: (1) Principal counseling services practitioners shall have at least one of the following ( a or b ): (a) an advanced degree (masters or doctoral level) in behavioral science, preferably psychology or social work, (b) a BA/BS and at least two years of drug treatment training and/or experience. (2) Counselors shall be certified and/or have credentials to engage in substance abuse treatment intervention as established by his/her state’s regulatory board and/or accrediting agency. (3) Paraprofessionals are only used under the direct supervision of, and in conjunction with, a staff member who meets the requirements described in item numbers (1) and (2) above, and after obtaining the approval of the contracting officer or designee. Interns may be considered paraprofessionals

If we submit a proposal before the deadline, is it possible to receive feedback about whether the proposal is technically acceptable ?

No. Review of the RFP's will not take place until after the deadline for submission.

What is the correct date the Solicitation/RFP is due?

The date is correct on the RFP's and all RFPS's submitted must be received at the address indicated on the RFP by 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 2, 2016.

Section L states that I am to "include copies of compliance with all federal, state, and local fire, safety, and health codes."
How do I do this?

Submit all documentation required by the state and or locality of your facility as it relates to compliance with all federal, state and local fire, safety and health codes. (You may want to check with the building owner if you rent space, and/ or the local fire department and health department to determine what is required at your location)

For RFP 0647-17-11A, we currently are constructing a new outpatient treatment facility that is expected to open in September, 2016. Once this facility is opened & certified, we plan to move our existing outpatient programming from our main campus to this new facility. In our proposal, should I use the current address of our facility or should I use the new address where the programming will move to in late September/early October of 2016?

Use the address where services are currently being provided. (You may reference the plans to relocate and the address of the planned facility, but not as the current location for services.)

If an agency has an employee who is a convicted sex offender, but has no direct contact with clients(works off site in IT department), are they eligible for a contract? 

According to Section C of the RFP: persons convicted of any sexual offense "shall not perform services under this agreement or contract nor shall they have access to defendant/offender files unless approved in writing by the Contracting Officer after consultation with PPSO and PMD. 

If you are moving into a new location that will not be ready prior to the start of the contract, should that location be included in the RFP? 


Does the probation office provide tokens/bus passes for public transportation? 

No. The client is provided bus tokens or bus passes for public transportation by the vendor. These costs are billed under project code 1202 for actual expenses and 1201 for administrative fee.

If you do not provide services for a federal, state or local agency and do not have any monitoring reports, what is required? 

In the background statement it must be clearly stated that you do not have monitoring reports, certificates or letters. (L-2.a)  

Are the clients required to make co-payments? 

Generally no, but in limited instances it could be ordered by the Court. 

If the services are to be provided at the probation office, do the contractor's facilities have to be located within the catchment area?


When will the 2017 RFPs be available?

The 2017 RFPs will be posted on this website on or about June 24, 2016

If I have more than one agency location, how do I submit a proposal? Do I submit one for each location?

As long as locations are all in the same catchment area, only one proposal needs to be submitted. All locations and required documentation for each location must be noted on the proposal and all locations must be able to provide requested services. If locations are in different catchment areas, then a proposal can be submitted if there is a RFP for area where the agency is located.

Will the offeror send urinalysis samples to the laboratory that has been used in the current contract or will the offeror be responsible for providing the urinalysis services as part of the proposal?

The offered price should include the cost for collection of urine specimens and placing the specimens in the mail only. The Government pays the cost of supplies, postage and testing.

Regarding meeting the mandatory requirements in the grant, do we sign Attachment A stating that we will provide the mandatory requirements in compliance with the RFP or address each requirement, or both?

As indicated on page L-3 of the RFP, the offeror need only complete and sign Attachment A (Certification of Compliance Statement), certifying that they will provide the mandatory requirements as stated in Sections C, E, F and G and comply with the conditions of the RFP. If the offeror will be subcontracting services, then separate forms need to be completed by each subcontractor.

On form J-1, do you want the entire program clientele of just the Federal clients who were served in the prior 12 months?

This form and all forms in Section J are only copies of forms that may be used if a BPA is awarded. These forms are not completed and submitted with the proposal.

Is Section L the guide that we use to put the proposal together for submission?


I am writing proposals for several contracts. I currently have several contracts now and am required to provide monitoring reports from my last two audits. Do I need to provide all of the monitoring reports for all of the contracts for each proposal submitted or can I be provided a letter stating I passed all of my past two audits satisfactorily?

An agency must provide all monitoring reports from the past 18 months for all contracts, (federal, state and local) at the agency locations in the catchment area solicited. A letter can only be submitted if a monitoring report is not available.

When I list all of the employees various licenses, etc.., do you need to have their resumes as well, or just list their license and certifications?

Resumes do not need to be provided, but all information on Attachment C must be included, as well as copies of licenses and certifications. A resume which includes all of the required information on Attachment C may be attached in lieu of including the information on Attachment C. Just note on Attachment C that a resume is attached with that information.

Section L of the RFP indicates that we do not have to include Section C in our response. Does this mean we don’t need to provide a point by point narrative response for the items on pages C4-24, Numbers 1-7? I am unclear what kind of narrative we need to include with the other requirements of our application. Where are (if there are any) questions that require a narrative response? Under which Section?

Correct. Completion and submission of Attachment A certifies that your agency will comply with the requirements in Sections C, E, F and G of the RFP. A narrative response is needed for the Background Statement ( Section L-Attachment B). Requirements for the Background Statement are Listed in Section L-2. a. through d.

Regarding federal, state and local monitoring reports that are to be submitted, does that requirement only refer to previous reports for this service or does it include any federal grant/contract we have ever received?

Monitoring reports from the previous 18 months should be submitted for all federal, state and local contracts for all services that were provided at that particular agency location. If the vendor is not able to provide copies of monitoring reports, the vendor shall provide copies of certificates or letters from federal, state, or local agencies indicating that the vendor has had a satisfactory or higher rating for the previous 18 months.

Regarding Attachment J.1, we were under the impression it needed to be submitted with out response to the RFP. When is this form required to be submitted?

All Attachments under Section J are forms that are used if a contract is awarded and are not required to be submitted with the proposal. If a contract is awarded, you will be advised if completion of this form is required.

Do we need to include Sections L and M in the actual response to the RFP?

The Sections L and M themselves do not need to be submitted, but the completed Attachments A-D in Section L are required.

Do we need to attach Section J to our response and indicate we will use the forms?


Our agency is in the process of hiring an individual to work with federal clients but the hiring may not be completed before the RFP is due. In completing the section regarding staff, can we put to be determined?

No. You must have a current qualified employee or subcontractor to perform all services as stated in Section C of the RFP. If a new staff person is hired after the contract is awarded, the agency will need to provide all information and documents about that person, just as they are required to do in the original proposal.

Can an agency subcontract one service?

Yes, this is often done with mental health agencies which do not have a psychiatrist on staff.

If two agencies team, does one agency need to be the primary and the other the subcontractor?


Can an offeror submit modifications to a proposal once it is submitted.

Yes, as long as the modifications are received prior to the solicitation closing date and time.

Regarding the forms included in Section J. Do we need to use these forms or can we use our own similar forms?

Only the forms in Section J must be used.

Under Attachment B, Number 1, what kind of narrative is required or is this simply instructions for what needs included in Attachment B? If a narrative for Attachment B(1) is required, what should it include?

All requirements for Attachment B are listed under 2. a. through d. on pages L-3 and 4. 2.b. indicates a requirement to "state expressly each location at which the offeror and any proposed subcontractors intend to provide services in response to this solicitation."

Are we to include a Cover Page or does Section A count as a Cover Page?

A Cover Page is not required, but can be used if you desire.

Do we need a Table of Contents with our submission?


Do the required tabs take the place of page numbers or are the pages to be numbered and tabbed?

Page numbering is not a requirement, but tabs are.

Since no binders are permitted, are the tabs just supposed to be inserted and held together with a binder clip?

It is not a requirement listed in the RFP to not use a binder, however, we ask that you not use them as it makes it difficult for staff to review when they are submitted in binders. Your proposal could not be determined to be technically unacceptable based on that criteria. The use of a bonder clip would be fine.

Our final submission includes Section A, B, K and Attachments A, B (2a-d), C, and D. Is this correct?


I am attempting to find the wage rate for specific services for mental health counseling (6010,6020,6021,6028 and 6030) and am having difficulty in identifying any wages for counselors, nurse practioners, and psychiatrists, social workers. Where/how do I locate this information?

Wage rates are applicable to urine collection services only.

Are there fillable versions of the forms in the RFP that need to be completed so that information can be typed in?

No, however, their are functions in Adobe that will allow you to type on the forms or they can be handwritten.

Under Attachment A, Background Statement, it states we must provide monitoring reports. We have had a contract since 2011 - however, prior to this month, no referrals have been sent to us under this contract. What are we to provide to be in compliance since there has been no services to be monitored?

Monitoring reports should be provided for any contracts(state, federal or local) for any services over the past 18 months at the agency location where services are being proposed.

We assumed a current contract from another agency . We assumed this contract after the Monitoring Report was completed. Are we expected to submit Monitoring Reports from the other agency? If so, is it possible to obtain a copy of these reports since they were retained as property of the other agency?

We are unable to provide copies of the reports. If the monitoring reports are unavailable to you, you must specifically state so in your background statement and explain why they are unavailable. You should also state that you had previously notified the U. S. Pretrial Services and Probation Office of this issue.

If proposing to work with subcontractors, are references required for the subcontractors as well, or only for the lead agency?

There is no requirement to provide references for subcontractors.

We are submitting a residential proposal and have a subcontractor to serve people who have accessibility issues. We may or may not use this subcontractor. My question is, do we still mark an x by the price to indicate the subcontractor even though most if not all of the services will be provided by our agency?

If you are proposing the use of a subcontractor for any services, an "S" should be placed next to the price of that service in Section B.

Regarding transportation and administration in Section B, when we submit the offer, do we leave the EMQ as it is currently in the RFP, i.e., amount is unknown, unit price is JTR and administrative costs are up to 5% of amount distributed under PC 1202?


What are the specific labeling and placement requirements for the tabs?

According to Page L-3, "The offeror shall identify all required documents included in the submitted proposal through the use of labeled tabs. "

The RFP states the copies must contain original signatures.  Does this mean a photocopy of the original signature pages is not permissible or does it mean the signature line can’t be left blank or rubber stamped?  If the ‘copy’ has to contain original signatures, then isn’t it just another original?

According to the Note on Page L-1, "The signature of the original and additional copies must contain original signatures of the offeror in this block."  In other words, all proposals submitted must have original ink signatures (no rubber stamps)  for the forms that require the offeror's signature. No copies of original signatures are allowed.

What document is required to answer Attachment B(1) and does B(3) only consist of the Certification Statement that has to be signed?

Attachment B is used.  Page L-3-Attachment B(1 through 3) outlines all the requirements for completion of the Background Statement (Attachment B) and all additional documentation that needs to be provided with the Background Statement.

We are still confused as to where, if any, narrative about our agency is supposed to go.  It appears that the response consists of mostly attachments and signature pages/certifications.  I just want to make sure we are not missing anywhere that we should be discussing the history of our agency, agency experience, a point by point narrative that responds to Section C of the RFP, etc.

There is no requirement for a narrative regarding your agency history and experience.  Attachment A is a certification that the Offeror will comply with the the requirements stated in Sections C, E, F and G.   Any narrative on Attachment B would relate to subcontractors and other required information as listed in paragraphs 2.a through d. on Pages L-3-4.  Attachment C contains information on staff qualifications and certifications, and Attachment D is where required reference information is listed.