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Vendor FAQ's


Can someone with a 30 year old sex offense conviction in their background work with Federal clients?


What is a unit of service?

It varies, depending on the service. Assessments/evaluations/polygraphs are 1 unit, regardless of the length of time it takes to complete, Medication monitoring is generally approved as 1 unit, urine collection is per specimen collected, and group and individual counseling are 30 minute increments. For example, if a group meets twice a week for one and one half hours, the program plan will authorize 6 units of counseling per week.

Can a nurse practitioner complete a psychiatric evaluation?

They can if they are board certified or board eligible and meet the standards of practice (i.e., academic training, residency, etc.) established by his/her state's regulatory board.

If someone is in residential treatment, can he/she also participate in other programs at the agency?

The agency can provide other services to/for the individual, but will not be able to bill for said services. Only services on the program plan can be billed.

Can a federal probation office in another district use (also known as piggybacking) a contract awarded in the Northern District of Ohio? Can this be done with state and local offices?

This can be done and is coordinated with the pretrial services and/or probation offices in both districts. Services can only be provided at a location listed in the contract. Piggybacking can only be done between federal offices.

There is a sex offender program approved by the University of Cincinnati, however, it does not meet the criteria listed in Section C of the RFP. Can it be used because it is an approved program?

Any treatment program must meet all of the criteria listed in Section C of the RFP.

For the CBT Programming, Manualized Groups, the RFP states the service must be provided to "no more than 12" offenders and led by a trained facilitator. Is 12 the maximum number allowed in the group, or if there are two facilitators, can there be more than 12 in a group?

Section C specifically states that the group size is to be at least two and no more than twelve. If there are more than 12 defendant/offenders referred for services, then a second group would need to commence.

For CBT Groups, can Federal offenders be mixed in with other CBT Program participants or do they require their own separate groups?

The Local rule on Page C-17 indicated that groups must be restricted to Federal defendant/offender participants.

Do the Psychological/Psychiatric and Mental Health Assessments need to be completed following a specific format (typed report) or just using your categories outlines (our own agency forms)?

Per Section C-Pages 4-6, the reports must be typed and must include, at a minimum, all the information indicated in Section C for each particular service.

Can client records be stored electronically and if so, how do they need to be stored to meet the requirement that they be kept separate from other agency records?

Records can be maintained electronically but must be printed when requested by the Pretrial Services and Probation Office.  In order to meet the separation requirement, the records should be maintained in a separate folder on the vendor's system or stored on a separate form of media from other records.