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In September of 1994, the Judicial Conference endorsed the use of realtime reporting technologies by official court reporters, and in June of 1996, the Judicial Conference established a new category called realtime unedited transcript. The Guide to Judiciary Policies and Procedures defines realtime as "the instantaneous translation of the proceedings on a computer monitor." The realtime rough draft or any portion thereof is not the official transcript and may not be filed for any reason. The Guide clearly indicates that the unedited draft is not intended to be used in subsequent proceedings for impeachment or for any other purpose, including further distribution. A certified transcript must be purchased from the court reporter at a fee established by the Judicial Conference. Please see the Non-Appeal Transcript Order Form for order and fee information. The judges of this Court receive realtime transcript from court reporters. This service may also be provided to the attorneys/parties upon negotiation with the reporter. In order to be provided with this service, the following steps are necessary:


  1. Attorneys must provide their own notebook computer equipped with a serial port or USB serial adaptor and viewer annotation (receive) software, such as CaseView.
  2. Parties should coordinate and pretest their equipment with the reporter in advance of trial date.
  3. When realtime services are requested by a party to the case, a certified realtime reporter may charge and collect a fee per page (one feed, $3.05 per page; two to four feeds, $2.10 per page; five or more feeds, $1.50 per page) from any party wishing to order unedited transcript. A certified transcript may also be purchased from the court reporter at a fee established by the Judicial Conference.
  4. Any attorney ordering the realtime rough draft transcript must sign the Realtime Unedited Disclaimer form which is available from the reporter.
  5. An attorney wishing to receive the realtime rough draft should provide to the reporter, in advance, a list of names and terms unique to the case, in order for the realtime rough draft to be as readable as possible.


To arrange for realtime transcript, contact:
Sarah Nageotte, Chief Court Reporter/Supervisor, or the Court Reporter responsible for the transcript.

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