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Grant Application

The Court welcomes applications to help sponsor programs, events or projects which "benefit the Bench and Bar in the administration of justice." A list of projects, programs and events previously funded by the Court is available here.
All requests for funding are to be submitted on the form for review and recommendation by the Attorney Admissions Fund Committee with final approval by the entire Court.
On review of the application, the Committee or Court may require additional information such as: mission statement or similar statement of purpose; confirmation of § 501(c)(3) or similar status; statement of principal funding sources; and organization's most recent financial report.
Please note that forms must be received no less than three (3) months prior to the scheduled event unless, for good cause shown, the time limit should be shortened. Ordinarily, applications received after the event has occurred will not be considered.
Past Court funding of projects or programs does not guarantee that future applications will be approved or that equivalent funds will be available.
The Court may amend its guidelines and policies without prior notice.
*Note that the Grant Application is compatible with Acrobat and Adobe Reader 9.0 or later.  If your software is incompatible, please click here to download a free update.