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MDL 2807

Sonic Corp. Customer Data Security Breach



Master Docket Number: 1:17-MD-2807
Presiding Judge: James S. Gwin
Chambers Contact: Lexie Tintor
Description Plaintiffs allege that Sonic and its franchisees suffered a data breach as a result of an insecure point-of-sale system. They claim that Sonic's failure to adequately protect their personal information amounts to negligence and a breach of the consumer protection statutes of a number of states.
Plaintiffs' Liaison Counsel: Marc E. Dann
P.O. Box 6031040
Cleveland, OH 44103
Phone: 216.373.0539
Fax: 216.373.0536
Plaintiffs' Steering Committee:

Thomas A. Zimmerman, Jr.
77 W. Washington Street, Suite 1220
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Phone: 312.440.0020
Fax: 312.440.4180

Melissa Emert
6 East 45th Street
New Your, NY 10017
Phone: 954.341.5561
Fax: 954.341.5531

Michael R. Fuller
3150 US Bancorp Tower
111 Southwest 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 503.201.4570



Orders Pertaining to MDL 2807


17md2807 12/11/2017 Initial Transfer Order from Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
Doc. #23 1/13/2018 Case Management Conference Plan/Order (Amended 7/3/2018 - See Doc. #111)
Doc. #24 1/13/2018 Opinion and Order Re:  Expedited Discovery
Doc. #26 2/12/2018 Consolidated Class Action Complaint
Doc. #40 3/14/2018 Joint Answer and Affirmative Defenses
Doc. #111 7/3/2018 Amended Case Management Order
Doc. #114 7/27/2018 Amended Consolidated Class Action Complaint
Doc. #145 12/20/2018 Preliminary Approval Order of Class Action Settlement
Doc. #155 6/6/2019 Transfer Order by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (Financial Institution Cases)
Doc. #174 8/12/2019 Opinion and Order Certifying Settlement Class, Approving Settlement Agreement, and Granting Service Awards and Attorney Fees, Costs, and Expenses
Doc. #177 8/20/2019 Case Management Plan as to Financial Institutions
Doc. #343 11/2/2020 Opinion & Order Granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Class Certification
Doc. #348 11/13/2020 Amended Opinion & Order Granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Class Certification
Doc. #453 9/7/2021 Order Denying Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment
Doc. #527 10/17/2022 Order Approving Class Settlement and Granting Attorney's Fees and Expenses
Doc. #528 10/18/2022 Order Closing Master Docket and Terminating Multidistrict Litigation