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Special Note: U.S. Supreme Court Admission Application

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Special note:   As part of the Swearing-in Ceremony on August 21, 2018, admission to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States will be based on written motion and must conform to the procedures specified on the Application for Admission for admission by written motion, as indicated at the bottom of page two of the application form.  The online Registration form and Application for Admission (including the “Statement of Sponsors,” signed by BOTH of your sponsors at the middle of page two, AND the “Motion for Admission” at the bottom of page two, signed by one of your sponsors [whose name will appear as “Movant” on your Certificate]) along with all supporting documentation and fees, must be completed and returned to the Federal Bar Association, Northern District of Ohio Chapter no later than July 20, 2018.  Be certain to provide sufficient time to obtain your certificate of good standing from the Supreme Court of the state in which you were admitted.