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Policy on Electronic Devices

  1. See Local Rule 83.1 and General Order 2009-21 for information regarding the use of cell phone, photography, radio, and television in the courtroom or its environs.
  2. Courtrooms: All cell phones should be turned off in the Courtrooms, unless there is express permission from the presiding judge in that Courtroom that the cell phone may be turned on. The taking of photographs, the making of audio/video recordings, and radio, television and internet broadcasting are prohibited in the Court House. Counsel of record may use laptops at the counsel tables provided that the rules prohibiting photography, recording and broadcasting are not violated.
  3. Jurors: Jurors are advised in their notices not to bring their cell phone to the Courthouse. However, as many jurors do bring their cell phones regardless of the instruction, they will be asked if selected as a juror to leave their cell phones in the jury deliberation rooms and not to bring them into the courtrooms.
  4. Court staff, court security officers, and deputy marshals are authorized to seize and inspect devices suspected of being used in violation of these rules. Seized devices will not be returned until the conclusion of all proceedings at the direction of the presiding judicial officer. Violators will be subject to sanction for contempt of court.