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Complaint Checklist

Intake Requires/Issues the Following

  1. 2 Complaints (1 Original and 1 Copy)
  2. Civil Cover Sheet (3 Stapled Pages)
  3. Summonses (Original and 1 for Each Named Defendant)
  4. Initial Order (For Cases Where this is Required)
    Time Stamp and Issue One for Each Party Involved in Case.
    Time Stamp and Place One Copy in File.
  5. Issue Magistrate Consent Form in All Cases (To All Parties)
  6. Issue Notice to Plaintiff's Counsel Re: Certificate of Service
  7. For Administrative Actions (CAT. 5 [habeas], 9 and 12)
    Complete Track Designation Form; for Court Use Only, to be Placed in File. Stamp Magistrate Judge Name on Form.