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The U.S. District Court Northern District of Ohio offers the Jury Evidence Review System (JERS), developed by the Western District of North Carolina, to capture evidence electronically during a trial and to make that evidence accessible in the jury deliberation room.  For questions regarding the use of JERS, attorneys should contact their respective Judicial Officer for clarification.

Attorney Information for the JERS System

  • Using any software or method, exhibit files are renamed using a naming convention similar to : <exhibit number> - <exhibit part>_<exhibit description>.<file extension>
  • The use of the “underscore” character is required when an optional description of the exhibit is included and cannot be used elsewhere in the exhibit name.
  • Example listing of valid exhibit file names: “1-a_photograph.jpg”, “12_2009 Tax Statement.pdf”, “35d.pdf”, “12(a)_camera footage.wmv”
  • All files are provided on a single storage device such as a CD, DVD, or USB drive.
  • The storage device can be immediately returned after information is loaded into JERS.