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PACER Login Default

How to set PACER LOGIN Default

Attorneys may associate their PACER login ID and password with their CM/ECF login ID and password, so that they do not have to enter the PACER information every time they request a docket sheet or document from the system.

You can do this by:


  1. Log into the system using CM/ECF account
  2. When retrieving a docket sheet or document, provide your PACER information.
  3. Check the box near the bottom of the page that states "Make this my default PACER login."


  1. Click on "Utilities"
  2. Click on "Change Your PACER Login"
  3. Provide PACER information, making sure to check the box "Make this my default PACER login."


*The second method may also be used to change your PACER login and review your PACER information using other items on the Utilities menu (i.e. Show PACER Account).

NOTE: The client code information may be used at the discretion of the attorney. Any information entered into the field will be included on the bill you receive, which conveniently ensures the appropriate client is charged for the documents retrieved on his/her behalf.