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Quick Tips

In order to better meet the needs of the attorneys using the Northern District of Ohio's electronic filing system, the Clerk's Office has developed several Tip Sheets and other resource materials to demonstrate how the electronic filing system can be used most effectively.


Included are:


Filing Joint Documents: This tip explains how you can file a joint document for all parties but not create an attorney/party association for parties you do not represent.


Setting up E-Mail Notification: This tip explains how you can obtain e-mail notification of filings both for your own cases, as well as for other cases that may be of interest to you. By following this tip, you can route e-mail notification of filings to any e-mail address or multiple addresses.


Obtaining Written Opinions for Free: The Court has been "flagging" written opinions since April 16, 2005. These documents are made available free of charge through the PACER system. This tip explains how to obtain these opinions for free.


Obtaining a List of Cases by Category: You can easily obtain a list of all civil cases filed or pending in this Court by case category using the simple steps provided in this tip. The case lists include convenient links to individual docket sheets and from there you can obtain individual documents filed in those cases.


Obtaining Documents by Date Range / Category: The Docket Activity report allows you to obtain a list of all documents filed with the Court for any day or date range with convenient links to the documents themselves. You can even focus your search on a specific case or broad category of cases such as Patent, Contract, Civil Rights, etc. This tip shows how.


Turning CM/ECF Document Headers Off/On: The electronic filing system now provides the capability to display a page header containing the case number, date filed, document number and page number at the top of each document filed with the Court. The page headers are not part of the actual document and the option to display the header can be turned on or off by each individual CM/ECF user. This tip shows how to toggle the on/off option. Please note that the page header option is only available when you have logged into CM/ECF. If you are logged into PACER only, the page headers will not be displayed.


Adding Attachments with Descriptions: This tip explains how you add attachments as well as enter thorough descriptions for each attachment. By following this tip, the Court, opposing counsel, and the public will benefit when querying the docket sheet and filed documents.


The Clerk's Office provides training to attorneys and law firm staff at each Court location. If you would like to arrange for training, or if you have questions about electronic filing, please call any Clerk's Office location or our CM/ECF Help Desk at 1-800-355-8498.


For questions regarding PACER registration and billing, please call the PACER Service Center at 1-800-676-6856.