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Refund Requests

Pursuant to General Order 2006-15, the Clerk's office has adopted the following procedures to request a refund of erroneous or duplicate on-line filing fee payments.


  1. File a request electronically on CM/ECF.
    • Select "Other Documents" in the Civil menu.
    • Select the event "Request to Clerk for Refund of Erroneous or Duplicate On-line Filing Fee Payment."

      Note: if you are requesting a refund on a duplicate case, file the request on the case that was entered in error.

    • When the following screen appears enter the requested information.

      1. Enter the reason for the refund request.
      2. Enter the receipt number of the transaction for which you are requesting a refund.
      3. Link the refund request to the document where the erroneous or duplicate on-line payment occurred.

        Note: If no document exists skip this step.

  2. If approved, the Clerk's Office will issue an electronic refund through and send an e-mail notification of the refund to the requestor. If the request is not approved, the Clerk's Office will mail a letter of explanation to the requestor.