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Local Patent Rules

Chapter I - Scope of the Rules
Rule 1.1 Title
Rule 1.2 Scope and Construction
Rule 1.3 Commencing Discovery
Rule 1.4 Cases Received After the Responsive Pleading
Rule 1.5 Modification of Obligations, Case Management Notice
Rule 1.6 Effective Date
Chapter II - General Provisions
Rule 2.1 Governing Procedures
Rule 2.2 Confidentiality
Rule 2.3 Relationship to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Local Civil Rules for the United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio
Chapter III - Patent Disclosures
Rule 3.1 Initial Infringement Contentions
Rule 3.2 Document Production Accompanying Initial Infringement Contentions
Rule 3.3 Initial Noninfringement Contentions
Rule 3.4 Document Productions Accompanying Initial Noninfringement Contentions
Rule 3.5 Invalidity and Unenforceability Contentions
Rule 3.6 Document Productions Accompanying Invalidity and Unenforceability Contentions
Rule 3.7 Validity and Enforceability Contentions
Rule 3.8 Disclosure Requirements for Patent Cases for Declaratory Judgment of Invalidity
Rule 3.9 Disclosure Requirements for Patent Cases Arising Under 21 U.S.C. 355 (commonly referred to as "the Hatch-Waxman Act")
Rule 3.10 Amending and Supplementing Contentions, Final Contentions
Rule 3.11 Final Date to Seek Stay Pending Reexamination
Chapter IV - Claim Construction Proceedings
Rule 4.1 Exchange of Proposed Terms for Construction
Rule 4.2 Exchange of Preliminary and Final Claim Constructions and Evidence
Rule 4.3 Expert Claim Construction Discovery
Rule 4.4 Claim Construction Submissions
Rule 4.5 Joint Claim Construction and Prehearing Statement
Rule 4.6 Claim Construction Hearing
Rule 4.7 Close of Fact Discovery, Status Conference
Rule 4.8 Advice of Counsel
Chapter V - Expert Discovery
Rule 5.1 Disclosure of Experts and Expert Reports
Rule 5.2 Depositions of Experts
Rule 5.3 Presumption Against Suplementation of Reports
Chapter VI - Dispositive Motions and Trial
Rule 6.1 Filing Dispositive Motions
Rule 6.2 Trial
Chapter VII - Appendix
Appendix A - Stipulated Protective Order
Appendix B - Report of Parties' Planning Meeting in Patent Cases
Appendix C - Joint Claim Construction Table