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Local Civil Rules

Chapter I - Scope of Rules
Rule 1.1 Scope and Citation
  (a) Scope of the Rules
  (b) Citation
  (c) Effective Date
  (d) Construction of Rules
Rule 1.2 Definitions
Chapter II - Commencement of Action
Rule 3.1 Assignment of Cases; Related Cases, Refiled, Dismissed and Remanded Cases
  (a) Assignment
  (b) Reassignment
Rule 3.2 Procedure for Assignment of Cases
Rule 3.3 Categories of Civil Cases
Rule 3.4 Preparation of Assignment Decks
Rule 3.5 Duties of the Clerk as to Case Assignments
Rule 3.6 Assignment to Senior Judges
Rule 3.7 Reassignment of Matters to Active Judges
Rule 3.8 Venue of Actions Within the District
  (a) The Divisions of the Court
  (b) Resident Defendant
  (c) Multiple Defendants
Rule 3.9 Place of Holding Court
Rule 3.10 Miscellaneous Docket
Rule 3.11 Unavailability of District Judge - Urgent Cases
Rule 3.12 Fees and Deposits for Costs
Rule 3.13 Commencement of Action
  (a) Civil Cover Sheet
  (b) Corporate Disclosure Statement
  (c) Patent, Trademark and Copyright Cases
Rule 3.14 Procedure as to Initial Papers
Rule 3.15 In Forma Pauperis Cases
Rule 4.1 Service of Actions Filed In Forma Pauperis
  (a) Service
  (b) Waiver of Service
Rule 4.2 Service of Process
Rule 5.1 Filing by Facsimile or Electronic Means
Rule 5.2 Filing Documents Under Seal
Chapter III - Pleadings and Motions
Rule 7.1 Motions
  (a) Motions Governed by Case Management Plan
  (b) Motions to be in Writing
  (c) Memorandum by Moving Party
  (d) Memorandum in Opposition
  (e) Reply Memorandum
  (f) Length of Memoranda
  (g) Hearings
  (h) Untimely Motions
  (i) Sanctions for Filing Frivolous Motions or Oppositions
Rule 7.2 Dispositive Motions
Rule 7.3 Ruling on Motions
Rule 8.1 General Rules of Pleading
Rule 9.1 Social Security and Black Lung Cases
Rule 10.1 General Format of Documents Presented for Filing
Rule 10.2 Designation of District Judge and/or Magistrate Judge
Rule 16.1 Differentiated Case Management
  (a) Purpose and Authority
  (b) Definitions
  (c) Date of DCM Application
  (d) Conflicts with Other Rules
Rule 16.2 Tracks and Evaluation of Cases
  (a) Differentiation of Cases
  (b) Evaluation and Assignment of Cases
Rule 16.3 Track Assignment and Case Management Conference
  (a) Notice of Track Recommendation and Case Management Conference
  (b) Case Management Conference
  (c) Notification of Complex Litigation
  (d) Status Conference
  (e) Final Pretrial Conference
  (f) Video and Telephone Conferences
Rule 16.3.1 Review of Decisions by the Commissioner of Social Security
  (a) Applicability
  (b) Initial Process
  (c) Inclusion of Social Security Number in Complaint
  (d) Response to Complaint
  (e) Merits Briefing
  (f) Oral Argument
  (g) Other Motions
  (h) Entry of Judgment
  (i) Report and Recommendations
  (j) Magistrate Consent Cases
Rule 16.4 Alternative Dispute Resolution
  (a) Purpose
  (b) Definitions
  (c) The ADR Administrator
  (d) Federal Court Panel
  (e) Referral to ADR
  (f) Private ADR
Rule 16.5 Early Neutral Evaluation (E.N.E.)
  (a) Eligible Cases
  (b) Selection of Cases
  (c) Administrative Procedure
  (d) Neutrality of Evaluator
  (e) Written Submissions to the Evaluator
  (f) Attendance at the Evaluation Conference
  (g) Procedure at Evaluation Conference
  (h) Confidentiality
Rule 16.6 Mediation
  (a) Eligible Cases
  (b) Selection of Cases
  (c) Administrative Procedure
  (d) Neutrality of Mediator
  (e) Written Submission to Mediator
  (f) Attendance at Mediation Conference
  (g) Procedure at Mediation Conference
  (h) Confidentiality
Rule 16.7 Other ADR Procedures
Chapter IV - Parties
Rule 23.1 Class Actions
  (a) Designation
  (b) Class Action Allegations
  (c) Class Action Determination
Rule 24.1 Procedure for Notification of Any Claim of Unconstitutionality
Chapter V - Discovery
Rule 26.1 Discovery - General
Rule 30.1 Conduct at Depositions
Rule 32.1 Videotape Depositions
  (a) General
  (b) Guidelines
Rule 37.1 Discovery Disputes
Rule 37.2 Form of Discovery Motions
Chapter VI - Trials
Rule 38.1 Notation of Jury Demand in the Pleading
Rule 39.1 Models, Exhibits, Etc.
  (a) Lodging of Exhibits
  (b) Marking of Exhibits
  (c) Retention and Disposal of Exhibits
Rule 39.2 Video and Telephone Conferences, Trials and Hearings
Rule 47.1 Venire Selection
Rule 47.2 Jury Questionnaires
Rule 47.3 Voir Dire of Jurors
Rule 47.4 Jury Selection
  (a) Exercise of Peremptory Challenges
  (b) Effect of Passing a Peremptory Challenge
Rule 48.1 Number of Jurors
Rule 48.2 Juror Note-Taking
Rule 48.3 Jury Charge
Chapter VII - Judgment
Rule 54.1 Assessment of Jury Costs
Chapter VIII - Provisional and Final Remedies and Special Proceedings
Rule 65.1.1 Security; Proceedings Against Sureties
  (a) Bonds
  (b) Sureties
  (c) Persons Who May Not Be Sureties
Rule 66.1 Receiverships
  (a) Inventories
  (b) Reports
  (c) Compensation of Receivers, Attorneys, and Others
  (d) Administration of Estates
Rule 67.1 Deposits
Rule 67.2 Disbursements
Rule 69.1 Preparation of Documents
Chapter IX - Special Proceedings
Rule 72.1 Duties of United States Magistrate Judges
Rule 72.2 Assignment and Referral of Matters to Magistrate Judges
  (a) General
  (b) Automatic Reference
Rule 72.3 Review and Appeal
  (a) Appeal of Non-Dispositive Matters - 28 U.S.C. 636(b)(1)(A)
  (b) Review of Case-Dispositive Motions and Prisoner Litigation - 28 U.S.C. 636(b)(1)(B)
Rule 72.4 Appeals from Other Orders of a Magistrate Judge
Rule 73.1 Conduct of Trials and Disposition of Civil Cases by Magistrate Judges Upon Consent of the Parties - 28 U.S.C. 636(c)
  (a) General
  (b) Recusal, Resignation or Death of Magistrate Judge
Rule 73.2 Appeal from Judgments in Civil Cases Disposed of by Magistrate Judge on Consent of the Parties - 28 U.S.C. 636(c)
Chapter X - District Court and Office of the Clerk
Rule 77.1 Hours for Filing
Rule 79.1 Withdrawal of Paper
Rule 80.1 Orders for Transcripts from Official Court Reporters
Chapter XI - General Provisions
Rule 83.1 Photography, Recording, and Broadcasting
  (a) General Prohibition
  (b) Definition
  (c) Recordings
  (d) Enforcement
  (e) Relief from Confiscation of Device
  (f) Consent to Provisions
Rule 83.2 Duties of Court Personnel
Rule 83.3 Courtroom and Courthouse Decorum
Rule 83.4 Security in the Courthouse
Rule 83.5 Admission of Attorneys to Practice in the Northern District of Ohio
  (a) Roll of Attorneys
  (b) Bar Admission
  (c) Local Office Requirements
  (d) Admission by Clerk
  (e) Admission Upon Motion to the Court
  (f) Oath or Affirmation
  (g) Admission and Fees
  (h) Permission to Participate in Particular Case
  (i) Change of Address
  (j) Continuing Maintenance of Good Standing
  (k) Attorneys Funded from Judiciary Appropriations and Attorneys for the United States of America
  (l) Southern District of Ohio Reciprocity Agreement
  (m) Waiver of Attendance at a Northern District of Ohio Federal District Court Practice Seminar
Rule 83.6 Appearance and Practice by Law Students
Rule 83.7 Professional Conduct and Attorney Discipline
  (a) Standards for Professional Conduct
  (b) Failure to Comply
  (c) Attorneys Specially Admitted
  (d) Disciplinary Proceedings
  (e) Attorneys Convicted of, Pleading Guilty or Nolo Contendere to Crimes
  (f) Discipline Imposed By Other Courts
  (g) Disbarment on Consent or Resignation in Other Courts
  (h) Disciplinary Action on Consent While Under Investigation or Prosecution
  (i) Reinstatement
  (j) Appointment of Counsel
  (k) Service
  (l) Public Record
  (m) Jurisdiction
  (n) Applicability
Rule 83.8 Judicial Misconduct and Disability
Rule 83.9 Withdrawal of Counsel
Rule 83.10 Assignment of Pro Bono Counsel
Supplemental Local Rules for Admiralty and Maritime Claims
Supplemental Rule C.1 Publication
Supplemental Rule E.1 Property in Possession of Officer or Employee of the United States
Supplemental Rule E.2 Summary Release from Arrest or Attachment
Supplemental Rule E.3 Security
Supplemental Rule E.4 Appraisement and Appraisers
Supplemental Rule E.5 Sale
Supplemental Rule E.6 Custody of Vessel
Supplemental Rule E.7 Accounting by Marshal
Supplemental Rule E.8 Claims After Sale, How Limited
Supplemental Rule F.1 Election to Transfer Owner's Interest in Vessel to a Trustee
Supplemental Rule F.2 Complaint Seeking Appraisement