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Request for Quote, Courtroom Audio and AV System Upgrades, RFQ OHND-19-08-DCA

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Court received six quotes in response to this solicitation.
Contract is awarded to ProVideo Systems, Inc. as the lowest cost, technically acceptable vendor.
Purchase Order to be awarded on September 11, 2019 for $286,001.15.


The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio is seeking open market quotes to remove the current audio systems and install, integrate with existing video systems, configure and test completed operational audio enhancement systems as replacements to the current systems located in two (2) District Court Judge Courtrooms throughout the district, with up to three (3) additional spaces as options, one (1) audio only upgrade and two (2) complete system replacements as detailed in the attached Request For Quote, RFQ OHND-19-08-DCA.

RFQ OHND-19-08-DCA USDC AV Upgrades

RFQ OHND-19-08-DCA Amend No 1

IV Schedule B - Akron 575 (Base Bid) - Copy.xlsx

IV Schedule B - Cleveland 17B (Optional) - Copy.xlsx

IV Schedule B - Cleveland 16B (Optional) - Copy.xlsx

IV Schedule B - Cleveland 9A (Optional) - Copy.xlsx

IV Schedule B - Youngstown 351 (Base Bid) - Copy.xlsx